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Celestino alla SALINA DEI MONACI

Useful to know plants and animals that live in areas where there is salt water. Amphibians, mammals, crustaceans, fish, reptiles, insects, birds, wild orchids and other plants of the Mediterranean are described in the book through appealing drawings and ironic lyrics.

[Aged 7 and up, text in Italian.]


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ISBN 9788890519710


Text (in Italian) of various authors / Illustrations by Fiammetta D'Aversa


Celestino alla Salina dei Monaci is a story that contains other stories. But also a naturalist guide, a handbook that focuses on the universe of the young reader without neglecting the needs of a more experienced and demanding user.

Celestino is the character, the interpreter, the narrator of this story and takes us by hand in the magic and charm of the place. Celestino patrols, explores, monitors and holds the land that the natives of the Jonian-Salento area call "Salt evaporation pond of the Monks".

Wandering around in those magical places you can encounter rare plants and animals. While a flock of herons flyies over the waters, is expected to appear at any moment, between Holm and Juniper, the monks who centuries ago made the production area through the collection of white and precious grains. The salt has become a nature reserve. A place full of history and poetry. A place full of memory where you can wander among the sand dunes, the Mediterranean and the salt steppes, exploring the ruins of ancient buildings.


Foreword by Gian Carlo Lisi (Publisher)


Winner of the contest Actives Ingredients - “Young Ideas for a Better Apulia” | © 2010,GRAPHUGLIA EDITIONS

Cover:hardcover - soft touch.
Dimensions:27 x 21 cm.
Number of pages:48 color pages.
Paper:FSC. Printed on environment-friendly paper to support the philosophy of degrowth and the culture of reduction, reuse and recycling.